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Blue Skies
Inner Leadership Coaching


Are you a midlife professional feeling stuck or dissatisfied with your career?
Do you wish you had more clarity about what's next for you?

Are you ready to create a life that feels more true to you?

Coaching can help!

Hi, I'm Marlene McLarty, a certified professional coach, and my coaching can help you:

  • get clear about what you really want

  • live more in alignment with your core values

  • discover new possibilities to explore

  • determine the right next steps to take

  • rekindle your passion for your life and work


How does it work?

We'll examine where you are in your life right now. What’s working for you and what are you ready to change? 

I’ll ask you a question: what do you really want? It sounds simple enough, but this is where some of us get stuck. Through our work together, we'll uncover what really matters to you. 

You’ll learn tools for your personal and professional growth. This is inner work where you’ll be leading yourself towards a life and career that feel aligned with your values.


I'll provide support and accountability as you let go of old habits that are holding you back.

Getting coached is an investment in yourself!

What do clients say?

"Marlene has helped me to understand the negative patterns of thinking that have held me back in the past.  She is warm, caring, understanding, patient, and extremely insightful."


"Marlene brings compassion and insight and authenticity to her coaching. She sees the potential you may not yet see in yourself and challenges you to bring that forward and into the world. She knows when to push and when to let sit. She will help you develop and bring out the best in yourself."


"... in our weekly phone calls I was inspired, encouraged, and held accountable — often all at once... Marlene also helped me refine and go after what I really want not only in my career, but also in my personal life."


"Each session is always so eye-opening to me while reassuring at the same time. She brings this sense of clarity that helps you move forward."



"She helped me determine what I needed to change my life to achieve my goals and put me to task. With her careful, expert guidance, I achieved the goals. Beyond that, I discovered things about myself that set me on a completely new and wonderful path. I am so thankful that I chose to take on Marlene's coaching services."


How will you benefit?

You'll have a space to air out all the noise in your head. This will be your time to address the concerns, the fears, the insecurities and the doubting inner voices.

You'll get an outside perspective on your life. We all have blind spots and as we work together I'll point out yours to build more awareness.

We'll examine your thinking. The right mindset is a crucial ingredient for success (however you define it), so we'll pay attention to how your thoughts and feelings are creating the results you’re getting.

There is no “one size fits all” approach to this work, so my coaching will be tailored to meet your needs. Your personal growth will be on your terms.

As you grow in awareness, confidence and self-trust, you'll move forward in your life with more clarity, focus and fulfillment. 


Imagine how exhilarating it will feel to create a life that's true to who you are. 

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