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Marlene has been a godsend! With each session, she challenges me to confront my stumbling blocks (including, especially, the ones I've conveniently set up for myself), and to remove or navigate around them. She guides you on a heady deep dive into your own psyche - what makes you tick, what you love, essential needs that you may be unwilling or afraid to admit that you have. With her support, I'm becoming what I have long yearned to be: peaceful and fulfilled within, dynamic and productive without. Marlene listens keenly and with compassion; she's more spirit guide than drill sergeant but trust me, they're both there! She is simply wonderful at what she does. I'm lucky to have her in my corner.

Clare, New York, NY

"She is simply wonderful at what she does."

"It changed my life."

Marlene provided me with 2 years of life coaching and it changed my life. It occurred at a pivotal time in both my career and family life where my choices and decisions had significant impacts. Marlene did not judge, instead she asked why, drove to the very root of each decision, forced me to face and evaluate each item in the bright light of day, and laid bare the excuses I made to myself. To face my own lie and recognize it as such led to my own awakening and allowed me to truly be a better man today than I was yesterday. Being more honest with myself allowed me to be more honest with others, and to be the type of man my wife deserves, and the leader my people need, especially during these times. I will be forever grateful for the time she gave me.

David, Charlotte, NC

Marlene is gentle, kind, genuine, personable, funny, dedicated, authentic, wise, compassionate, natural, and truthful. She has an easy manner and a sense of humour about our humanness. Marlene brings compassion and insight and authenticity to her coaching. She sees the potential you may not yet see in yourself and challenges you to bring that forward and into the world. She knows when to push and when to let sit.  She will help you develop and bring out the best in yourself. She teaches you how to hold yourself accountable and encourages you to identify your higher self. Working with Marlene gave me a plan of action and a roadmap of where I long to go and the person I want to be, all the while appreciating the journey along the way and always with a sense of humour!

J. Evans, Ontario, Canada

"Marlene brings compassion and insight and authenticity to her coaching."

"Marlene is a very dedicated and gifted coach."

The coaching provided by Marlene was fantastic, so much so that I recommended coaching to my friends. I was in need of change in several areas of my life, particularly regarding my relationships. I didn't benefit as much as I hoped from traditional therapy and so I decided to give life coaching a try. This was a game changer. Marlene is a very dedicated and gifted coach. She helped me determine what I needed to change my life to achieve my goals and put me to task. With her careful, expert guidance, I achieved the goals. Beyond that, I discovered things about myself that set me on a completely new and wonderful path. I am so thankful that I chose to take on Marlene's coaching services.

Rick, Philadelphia, PA

I am a mother, a wife, and a professional. Working with Marlene has dramatically improved my life. She has empowered me to find and keep my dream job, and to lose 14 pounds. Marlene has helped me to understand the negative patterns of thinking that have held me back in the past. She is warm, caring, understanding, patient, and extremely insightful. She speaks the truth in love and grace. I’m thankful to have Marlene in my life.  


K.C., Miami, FL

"Working with Marlene has dramatically improved my life. "

"It was transformative work that I’ll forever feel grateful for doing."

Last year, I worked with Marlene over the course of six months and in our weekly phone calls, I was inspired, encouraged, and held accountable — often all at once. I learned how to set new rules when it comes to how I run my business, and I had my best year yet. Marlene also helped me refine and go after what I really want not only in my career, but also in my personal life. My work with her prompted me to have conversations that deepened my relationships, look at areas of my life where I wasn’t as happy as I wanted to be, and get radically honest with myself and loved ones. It was transformative work that I’ll forever feel grateful for doing.


Meghan C., Boulder, CO

I began coaching with Marlene in February of 2016. My father had just been diagnosed with cancer and I was frustrated in a demanding job that wasn't the right fit. I was dealing with a lot of stress and emotion and I was uncomfortable communicating what I needed or asking for what I wanted in any kind of healthy way. Marlene challenged me to take risks and to start telling people about my dream for myself. After I did that, she encouraged me to start asking people for help. It felt like an inner super power I didn't know existed was unlocked. It was simple: Identify what you want and then (in a nice way of course) ask for help! What a deceivingly easy concept that when put into practice really works. Almost 9 months later a dream job seemed to fall into my lap. However, my experience coaching with Marlene has been more than just achieving goals. She's helped me to navigate the scary and heart breaking process of losing a parent and I will be forever grateful to her for that. Marlene is the real deal and if you're open she'll help you make a positive and lasting change in your life. I can't recommend her enough. 


Meredith, Jersey City, NJ

"Marlene is the real deal and if you're open she'll help you make a positive and lasting change in your life."

"She really wants you to reach your goals and get more out of life." 

I'm from Denmark, which is a testimony of how flexible Marlene is in helping you. In 2016 I had the privilege of Marlene coaching me for 6 months. I have to say that those 6 months enabled me to change important aspects of my life. Through Marlene's empathic coaching I was able to gain clarity of the areas of my life that needed heavy duty maintenance and work. I discovered that I had been telling myself excuses for many years, excuses that kept me from doing what I wanted to achieve in life. Marlene helped me identify those hindering inner voices and gave me valuable techniques to combat them. Through Marlene's coaching I was able to identify that I wanted to learn how to code so I joined a coding boot camp in the summer of 2016. That was a really good decision because it developed me on so many levels - professionally and personally. I also discovered that I crave for creativity, which has inspired me to become more creative! Marlene is warm, funny, empathic and most importantly: she really wants you to reach your goals and get more out of life. 


Sadhia, Copenhagen, Denmark

If my memory is right, Marlene has been my coach for the past 5 years and I must express how lucky and grateful I am to have been introduced to her. Marlene has helped me through challenging transition times and her guidance has been crucial to me to navigate them. She is there for you to listen, to ask questions that you probably didn’t think of, to provide new perspective, to help face your fear. Each session is always so eye-opening to me while reassuring at the same time. She brings this sense of clarity that helps you move forward. She gives you the tools that will help through a lifetime.

Isabelle, NY, NY

"She gives you the tools that will help you through a lifetime."

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